The Inductive iPad Charging System [SOURCE] is a wireless induction battery charger capable of restoring battery juices from your iPad tablet simply by slipping it into the induction charging system magnetic sleeve of course all without needing any cables. Just set down the tablet into the magnetic base and allow the power to flow to fully charge the ipad.

The Inductive iPad Charging System uses a unique flat magnetic node partnered with built-in detents that creates a safe bond and power flows straight from the inductive circuitry and to the sleeve recharging an iPad battery in just a matter of hours.

The Inductive iPad Charging System

The Inductive iPad Charging System

This induction charging system has a uniquely design triangular base that can easily be position anywhere for charging and at the same time working on the iPad.

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Whether you want the iPad to be mounted horizontally or vertically, this inductive charging system will allow you to work comfortably even while charging because all the buttons, ports and speakers can be accessible.

This iPad battery charger is compatible with 4th generation ipad and already includes an aluminum charging base and black iPad sleeve.

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