The Immersive Audiophile Pod – The Acoustically optimized pod that creates an immersive audio experience

The Immersive Audiophile Pod —[VIDEO]— is a uniquely designed music pod acoustically optimized so owner’s can experience high quality audio sound that can be felt when user starts sitting inside its built-in speaker.

Thanks to the pod’s 5 integrated speakers built right into the pod’s ceiling partnered with mid-range drivers, separate tweeters and a centralized subwoofer, creating unique sound that not only humans can hear but also felt through vibrations.


Immersive Audiophile Pod

This acoustically optimized pod is perfect in resonating crisp sound even at any volume level, it can even block background noise so listeners can experience orchestral performance or great sound from an action packed movie.

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This Immersive Audiophile Pod has a specially designed 6-channel amplifier complete with digital signal processor so owner’s can easily customize the included speakers and subwoofer’s sound and best of all, it already comes with a 16gb iPad that rests nicely in a swiveling mount to provide music content from their favorite music library or the internet. RCA ports also included. Weighs 220lbs.

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