The Illuminated Roll And Score Arcade Game – the roll-and-score arcade game modeled after the classic midway game

Tired of using your old arcade table? Not anymore with this uniquely designed roll and score arcade game.

Complete with LED lights for illuminating any darkened gaming room, this arcade game will definitely give each player a fun time especially when you start taking turns in rolling the included balls straight into the built-in ramp. –Currently Taking Orders Here

roll score arcade game

The Illuminated Roll And Score Arcade Game

This roll and score arcade table is perfect because besides its included LED scoring marquee, it also includes a sound so players will enjoy rolling the ball into the ramp to score into one of the 7 scoring areas.

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roll score arcade game 2

This Arcade Table is made with sturdy wooden frame partnered with acrylic clear cover designed to help keep stray balls contained while its 6.5 long alley will allow the players to roll the included 4 balls at an optimal speed and angle without any problem and best of all, it has an auto returned ball function so players can focus on playing continuously every time. Weighs only 133lbs.

You can buy this roll and score arcade game for only $999.95 with lifetime guarantee.