The Illuminated Moon Sun Face Changing Clock – displays a sun face during the day and a mesmerizing moon face at night

Tired of looking at your old and not so cool wall clock? Not anymore because this illuminated clock is unique when it comes to changing its face during the day or night.

This illuminated face changing clock is your perfect answer if you want to entice your guests not just with its modern look but also to the wall clock’s face changing features like displaying a face of the sun when it’s day and a mesmerizing moon face during the night.

illuminated face changing clock

This uniquely designed clock besides projecting clear and bright illumination, it also features a big numbers partnered with a sturdy metal hands so you don’t have any problem reading time even at 25 feet away and because this illuminated clock also features a water resistant function, withstanding any damage from UV light and water will not be a problem.

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illuminated face changing clock 2

The Illuminated Face Changing Clock already comes with a 6-hour timer where it also automatically turns the light off to help you conserve the life of the battery and best of all, it only weighs 7.5lbs and only measures 21×23/4 inches in diameter respectively.

You can buy this face changing clock for only $139.95 with lifetime guarantee.