The Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner – the ear cleaning tool with built-in LEDs and camera to help one see and target wax build up

This small yet effective ear cleaning tool is your perfect answer in softening, loosening and even removing the earwax blocking your ear canal simply because besides its very easy to use, this ear cleaner is also equipped with LED lights and built-in camera so owners can easily target any wax build up every time.

Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner

This ear wax cleaner is unique because it has an endoscope capable of streaming live footage when connected to a tablet or even to a smartphone, just perfect for anyone to see clearly any wax blocking exactly where it’s needed.

Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner 2

The Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner even comes with a protective earbud stopper designed to help prevent the cleaner from getting deep into the ear canal and best of all, it already comes with different silicone tips perfect for accommodating different ear sizes, you can even use the tool to check your throat, teeth and even your nose and scalp. Weighs only 1lb.