The Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask – helps relieve dry eyes, MGD and blepharitis

The Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask is perfect for anyone with dry eye problem simply because this unique mask is capable of maintaining an ideal temperature in order to help people with dry eye problem.

This Dry Eye Relief Mask is also capable of relieving MGD and blepharitis problem, thanks to the dry eye professionals who develop this electric heated mask, now you can get rid of your other eye mask that uses no temperature controls.

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Dry Eye Relief Mask

The Ideal Temperature Dry Eye Relief Mask

This electric heated mask is unique because it is capable of constantly warming to a recommended temperature in order to help release congealed oils, a problem that when not treated can build up and clog tear ducts.

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Meibomian glands

The ideal teemperature relief mask for dry eyes uses special thermal fabric designed to help disburse heat evenly right into the Meibomian glands and best of all, it already comes with 5 different temperature settings and different timer partnered with automatic shutoff function for additional security.

You can buy the heated mask for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.