The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse – A spa tub designed to get rid of aching feet and calves

You want to get rid of your aching feet and calves? Use the Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse, a uniquely designed spa tub gadget capable of pampering your problematic feet and calves simply by giving a soothing reflexology massage right at your very own home.

The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse

The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse

The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse is a powerful spa tub that uses warm water jets designed to soothe feet, thanks to the spa tub’s 4 unique rollers capable of providing gentle yet effective sole and heel pressure, perfect for helping you not just loosening stiff muscles, melting away pain and of course helping your soften foot skin.

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The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse 1

Unlike traditional foot massage device that requires the owner to move and use the roller with their feet, this hydrotherapy spa tub is different because it uses a powerful yet effective motorized rollers just enough to provide a complete relaxation without any effort from the user.

This foot spa tub is also perfect for treating problematic calf muscles and Achilles tendon because it has a deep tub where owners can easily deep the foot well plus it even comes with an easy to use LCD panel where owners can set their preferred heat levels and best of all, the foot spa tub already built with casters for convenient use anytime at home or anywhere you want.

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