The Human Pinball Suits – An inflatable human pinball suits perfect for your next outdoor recreation

Summer time is around the corner once again and looks like it’s time to find another perfect adventure for your friends or even for your own family this summer. Here’s a new gadget specially perfect if you love slamming, whamming or even ramming with your friends as your favorite outdoor recreation, then The Human Pinball Suits is just the perfect option because not only it is fun to play with but at the same time it encourages a refreshing new way to be fit while at the same time have fun.

The Human Pinball Suits

The Human Pinball Suits

The Human Pinball Suits durable and inflates in just a matter of minutes plus it can even handle individuals for up to 220lbs. Simply secure yourself inside the 18 inches diameter transparent ball using the included belt and shoulder straps and start slamming.

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The Human Pinball Suits 1

If you love our inflatable roller ball, then this human pinball inflatable suits is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above who wants to have a bouncing off an opponent as their favorite outdoor recreation, just don’t forget to hold at the included handles inside the chamber before you start whooping or whacking.

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