The Human Breath Mosquito Trap – Kills mosquitoes uniquely without harmful effects

The Human Breath Mosquito Trap is capable of attracting and killing blood sucking mosquitoes using uniquely programmable stimuli that imitates as person’s action of course minus those damaging effects that can easily hurt humans.

With the Human Breath Mosquito Trap’s wide coverage (up to 1 1/2 acres) that other ordinary mosquito traps can’t provide, this mosquito trap also uses fragrance-free carbon dioxide, a noticeable and ultraviolet lights and heat that can easily be modified and adjust so it can attract different kinds of mosquito types.

The Human Breath Mosquito Trap

The Human Breath Mosquito Trap also uses less power than any ordinary 40watt light bulbs so you can use it for 7 days a week and 24 hours a day straight without any problem plus its unique LED clusters and UV LED array works in diverse gaps to replicate human movements and body heat.

This durable and unique mosquito trap device also features a sturdy fan, a mesh catch bag and a liquid catch container.

What’s your favorite mosquito trap? Is it effective? Please use the commenting form below so we can talk about it.

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4 thoughts on “The Human Breath Mosquito Trap – Kills mosquitoes uniquely without harmful effects”

  1. I don’t use any kind of mosquito trap. I don’t even use insecticide cuz I’m staying in 25 storey apartment. I think mosquitoes can’t fly that high 😉 But this thing is indeed interesting. You got one Nhick?

  2. Well ok, I’m not using one either :). Anywayz, if you decide to use one, then try the human breath mosquito trap..

    Thanks for dropping by Peter.

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