The Hovering Picture Frame – Cooler than your old and boring picture frame

Tired of your old and boring picture frame? Now you can enjoy staring at your favorite photos uniquely with the Hovering Picture Frame. Unlike ordinary photo frames out there, this Picture Frame allows you to display 2 Levitating photos that keep on spinning in midair simply by pushing the case. Cool right!

Hovering Picture Frame

The Hovering Picture Frame

This Picture Frame features a unique 3 sided frame that act as a magnetic field and a nice and sturdy magnetic acrylic photo case that hang and swing nicely once it is attached to its magnetic field frame.

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The Hovering Picture Frame also comes with built-in glowing colors such as blue, red and green lights that throws a subtle of glow into the picture to make it even more interesting to look at.

-$69.95 at hammacher