The Hot And Cold Cellulite Reducer – With heat, cold and vibration to help reduce the appearance of cellulite-fighting

Not satisfied with your cellulite wand because it cannot reduce the appearance of your cellulite problem? Use the Hot and Cold Cellulite Reducer —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed massage wand capable of helping your favorite body care products to effectively lessen your cellulite.

This cellulite reducer uses vibration, heat and cold designed to help improve the result of your treatment and because it has heat that can reach up to 123 degrees Fahrenheit partnered and cools down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, improving circulation and at the same time helping improve your skin’s absorption is now more effective every time.

The Hot And Cold Cellulite Reducer

The Hot And Cold Cellulite Reducer

This massage wand is very easy to use, just place the wand on your problematic body parts like thighs, torso or even your buttocks, move it in circles and you’re good to go.

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The Hot And Cold Cellulite Reducer 1

The Hot and Cold Cellulite Reducer is perfect for five minutes 5x a week and you’ll see results after sixty days. This wand charges using its included USB cable and only measures 18x6x6 inches in length, width and diameter. Weighs only 2 3/4lbs.

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