The Home Wide Wireless Speaker System [SOURCE] is designed to provide an entire home with perfect sound, thanks to its wireless design system, streaming music all throughout you and your kids room is now possible.

This speaker system work simply by adding a portable speaker capable of transmitting audio from your favorite gadget including your latest smart devices, tablets and even your favorite desktop computer and automatically switches between free application or Bluetooth for that flexible streaming option you’ve been looking for every time.

The Home Wide Wireless Speaker System

The Home Wide Wireless Speaker System

Besides its wide wireless speaker system, the speakers are also perfect in providing and producing crisp and clear sound even at its lows and high sounds of course without touching or setting up cords.

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The Home Wide Wireless Speaker System 1

The Home Wide Wireless Speaker System can be easily set up on your favorite desk or at your nearest bookshelf and because it also includes an aux cable, USB port and memory card slots, playing music anytime on your phone, memory card or using a flash drive is now possible and best of all, it already includes an easy to use control for best playback anytime.

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