The Home Parcel Accepting Vault – A secure drop box that allows homeowners to receive a parcel safely while they’re away

The Home Parcel Accepting Vault [SOURCE] is designed for home owners who are always away, busy for work and arrive late or even for vacationers who wants to have a secure safety box to accept all their incoming parcel even while they’re away with the guarantee that all their received packages will still be there when they arrive.

The Home Parcel Accepting Vault

The Home Parcel Accepting Vault

Thanks to the Home Parcel Accepting Vault’s uniquely designed rotating drum that when a messenger opens the vault, it rotates carefully to prevent access to other deliveries already deposited inside the spacious interior.

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The Home Parcel Accepting Vault 1

Just like using Biometric Fingerprint Security Vault for your personal gadgets, the Home Parcel Accepting Vault is safe and can even be bolted to any hard or wooden surfaces while its interior is carefully confined and secured by a 3-point-lock system to secure the vault from top, midpoint and even at the bottom, plus it even comes with a ‘No Deliveries’ sign to let the postal messenger know that you are not allowing them to deliver any parcel while you are away.

The Home Parcel Accepting Vault 2

This parcel vault has a steel drum that can accept deliveries of up to 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 x 11 1/2 inches in height, width and length respectively and best of all, its powder-coated, cast aluminum and galvanized steel construction will simply provide the home owners some extra assurance when it comes to strength and durability.

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