The Home Lie Detector Test – Now you can easily evaluate whether kids are telling lies

You want to check if your kids are telling the truth every time you ask them some important questions? Now you can with the Home Lie Detector Test [SOURCE], a device designed to help someone if teenagers are lying simply by performing a polygraph test right at your very own home.

The Home Lie Detector Test

The Home Lie Detector Test

The Home Lie Detector Test uses unique sensors in order to read your kids pulse rate and skin’s electrical resistance, when applied to the subject’s fingers, the system then automatically takes care of the data and measures any changes in reply to questioning.

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This USB lie detector kit even includes unique software used to graph data so that you as the tester can easily evaluate whether your kids pulse increase speed or their skin starts to change, the same sign that pro polygraph inspectors are using to verify whether kids are lying.

The Home Lie Detector Test is perfect for some elicit laughs and playing confession games at home or at a get-together.

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