The Hip Pain Reliever – Uses heat therapy, vibration massage and LED technology to ease hip pain

The Hip Pain Reliever [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to easing pain in the hip but also effective because it uses a combination of heat therapy, vibration and infrared LED to help you get rid of your hip pain.

This pain relieving device already includes 8 heating discs capable of generating therapeutic heat enough to stimulate good circulation and provides relief for achy joints.

The Hip Pain Reliever

The Hip Pain Reliever

The device integrated massage mode on the other hand is perfect in kneading away tension, loosens tissue and of course get rid of aching muscles while its included LED located strategically at each side is designed to penetrate deep into the tissue to provide relief for stiff or even fatigued muscles.

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The Hip Pain Reliever 1

The Hip Pain Reliever is very easy to secure around the owner’s waist using hook-and-loop fasteners and best of all, it already includes 3 functions that can easily be operated using its included control panel so you can use it independently, simultaneously or 2 at a time. With auto shut-off function for extra security.

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