The Hip Deep Tissue Massager – Uses powerful percussive nodes that work deep into hip and lumbar tissue to loosen stiff muscles

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager [SOURCE] is design to help loosen stiff muscles simply by providing a powerful percussive nodes capable of working deep into the problematic hip and lumbar tissue.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager

This massager is not just unique when it comes to its shape but also perfect for providing Swedish style massage, simply rest against the uniquely shaped massager and allow the device to massage the problematic portion, stimulating perfect blood flow and revitalizing tired and aching muscles.

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The Hip Deep Tissue Massager 1

You want to reinvigorate your thigh mucles? No problem because this massager will allow the owner to customize from automatic or manual massage settings that can be accessed right into the massager’s control panel plus it even includes up to 20 different intensity levels and auto shutoff functionality for that relaxing massage session every time.

The Hip Deep Tissue Massager is durable and comes with a sleek design yet easy to clean, just plug the device into the AC outlet and you’re good to go.

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