The High Definition Video Pen – Records Up To 5 Hours of HD Videos

Recording high definition video is easy with this cool new video pen. Unlike ordinary ball pens, this video pen is cool at capturing HD videos secretly because its integrated video recorder is strategically positioned right above its pocket clip so that nobody can easily notice it, perfect if you want to capture important scenes right there and then. Read on spy geeks!

The High Definition Video PenPowered by lithium battery, the video pen’s integrated 1.3MP sensor is capable of capturing up to 5 hours AVI video at 1280×720 resolutions plus it can even capture still images up to 20k in jpeg form and store them altogether at its built-in 8GB storage memory. Want more?

The High Definition Video Pen also comes with a microphone and a 2.0 USB port so you can retrieve all your recorded videos and still images to your PC or Mac without needing a special application. How about the ink? No problem because it also includes ink cartridges for black and blue.

-$149.95 at hammacher