The High Definition Camera Drone – A flying camera drone capable of capturing high definition pictures and videos even at 300 feet above the ground

You want to capture high definition videos or pictures even at 300 feet away from the source? Use the High Definition Camera Drone [SOURCE], a flying camera drone designed to capture up to 1280×720 pixels images and record of up to 720p high definition videos above the ground of course without worrying about unwanted shaking.

The High Definition Camera Drone

The High Definition Camera Drone

The High Definition Camera Drone is capable of responding to its unique 2.4ghz remote control when the owner gives out commands like hovering in place, moving forward and backward or even up and down, thanks to the flying camera’s unique propellers partnered with an integrated high definition camera, taking instant pictures and recording high definition videos at 300 feet above the ground is now possible and of course entertaining.

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The High Definition Camera Drone 1

This flying camera can be used booth indoor or outdoor and already includes a 2gb memory card for storing captured HD pictures and videos while its rechargeable battery will provide up to 15min. of flight time when fully charged using its included AC adapter.

What are you waiting for, press that button now and start watching the flying camera drone loop in 360 degrees, just don’t forget to add 6 double a batteries though to the include remote to keep the drone in perfectly conditioned flying.

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