The Heated Sweater Fleece Jacket – A sweater-jacket that provides three levels of heat for chilly fall and winter evenings

Looking for a perfect sweater fleece jacket that can be worn comfortably and at the same time provide the perfect heat for that chilly winter evening? Use the Heated Sweater Fleece Jacket, a sweater-jacket uniquely designed to provide the perfect warmth you’ve been looking for every time.

Besides allowing the owner to have a comfortable wear, this jacket can also deliver front and back warmth without any problem, thanks to its built-in 3 different levels of heat, now you can enjoy hours of low, medium and high heat to help you get rid of those chilly fall and even those winter evenings specially this Christmas season.

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Heated Sweater Fleece Jacket

Equipped with lithium-ion battery that can be recharged easily to provide up to 6 hours of heat on low, 3 hours on medium and 2 hours on high degrees Fahrenheit respectively partnered with unique heating elements that’s undetectable because it is woven from tiny fibers that are thinner than the hair of humans.

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Heated Sweater Fleece Jacket 1

This Heated Sweater Fleece Jacket is 100 percent polyester made with fleece lined interior and best of all, it has three different sizes for men like medium, large, extra large and even XXL.

You can buy the heated sweater fleece jacket for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.