The Heated Lower Leg Massager – Helps rejuvenate sore, tired calves and feet effectively

The Heated Lower Leg Massager [SOURCE] is equipped with a combination of shiatsu, reflexology and soothing heat designed to help revitalize painful, tired feet and calves. Thanks to the massager’s unique design, cradling both legs in order to have a good lower leg massage is now possible.

This leg massager is perfect specially when it comes to melting away tension, thanks to its pleasant warmth delivered using heated air partnered with reflexology and shiatsu massage where it kneads out knots, initiate good blood flow and stimulate quick healing process to help the owner quickly recover from injury or fatigue.

The Heated Lower Leg Massager

The Heated Lower Leg Massager

This lower leg massager is also equipped with foot rollers capable of targeting reflexology points on the sole and heel perfect in easing pain and delivering full body relaxation every time.

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The Heated Lower Leg Massager 1

The Heated Lower Leg Massager already includes a control panel where owners can easily select from different massage programs like shiatsu touch levels, vibration settings and even the heat or without heat function and best of all, the massager tilts easily so user will be able to achieve the right angle.

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