The Heated LED Hand Pain Reliever – Relieves pain and stiffness in the hands using NASA’s technology

The Heated LED Hand Pain Reliever [SOURCE] is perfect for anyone suffering from hand stiffness problem because it uses an effective infrared and red LED lights that penetrates deep into the skin to help get rid of stiffness problem.

This mitten-like hand pain reliever are equipped with 10 red and 30 infrared LED lights capable of easing hand discomfort caused mainly from strains, sprains and even arthritis and tendonitis and because this hand pain relieving device uses NASA’s technology, reducing painful inflammation right on the owner’s hand surface is now possible.

The Heated LED Hand Pain Reliever

The Heated LED Hand Pain Reliever

The hand pain reliever is capable of heating the mitt’s interior for up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to penetrate just beneath the owner’s hand skin perfect for increasing circulation, reducing swelling and even temporarily relieve joint pain.

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The Heated LED Hand Pain Reliever is capable of treating one hand at a time, simply plug the device into your AC outlet or USB port using its included adapter and you’re good to go. Weighs only 12oz.

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