The Heated Foot Muff – provides heat therapy to soothe and relax sore, tired feet

The Heated Foot Muff [SOURCE] is not just effective in providing heat therapy for relaxing aching and tired feet but at the same time unique and cozy when it comes to its look that even human eyes cannot notice its undetectable electric heating elements.

The Heated Foot Muff

The Heated Foot Muff

This heat therapy device is designed to help soothe and relax tired feet simply by apply a gentle warmth to help boost circulation, get rid the pain of arthritis or even shake off the coldness just like putting your feet right up the fire.

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This foot muff heats up quickly, thanks to its uniquely designed heating elements capable of reaching up to 130 degrees fahrenheit in just a matter of minutes plus it even includes an auto-shutoff functionality so you don’t have to worry about toasting your feet.

The Heated Foot Muff is crafted using soft micro-plush and has a washable feature and best of all, it already includes a remote control so user can easily adjust three different settings.

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