The Heated And TENS Knee Wrap – A wireless knee wrap that combines heat therapy and electrostimulation

The Heated And TENS Knee Wrap –[SOURCE]– is a wireless knee wrap equipped with heat therapy and electrostimulation function designed to provide pain relief without taking any medication.

This knee wrap works simply by employing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, the perfect approach in delivering harmless electrical pulses to the knee in order to stop pain signals from getting into your brain.

The Heated And TENS Knee Wrap

The Heated And TENS Knee Wrap

This heated knee wrap has heat settings capable of delivering soothing warmth of up to 109 degrees perfect in speeding up circulation and even accelerating the body’s repair of injury.

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The Heated And TENS Knee Wrap 1

The Heated And TENS Knee Wrap already includes a controller designed to allow the owner to easily customize different treatment settings simply by selecting right from its included 8 modes such as 20 intensity levels and 2 heat settings and best of all, it can be operated together or individually. Other unique feature include auto shutoff function for added security to the user.

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