The Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier – enhances music listening by customizing audio output to your unique hearing profile

The Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier [SOURCE] is not just capable of enhancing the owner’s music listening effects but at the same time unique because this device already includes a free application where it creates a custom listening profile that auto-adjust the levels in order to hear perfect notes and tone ranges every time.

Unlike ordinary sound amplifiers out there that simply increases the volume and risk auditory harm, this music clarifying device is just perfect because it uniquely adapts tones and levels just specific to the user’s hearing ability simply by lightly increasing or tapering the treble, bass and even mid output for each user’s ear.

The Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier

The Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier

This music hearing clarifier is capable of connecting to a smart phone using Bluetooth connectivity or using its included cable easy enough so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music anytime anywhere.

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The Hearing Enhancing Music Clarifier is capable of providing up to 6 hours of wireless music listening and 8 hours for in line audio with just 2hrs. of battery charging using its included USB cable. Weighs 13/4oz.

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