The Headache Relief Wrap – with gentle compression and therapeutic heat function to help alleviate pain

The Headache Relief Wrap —[SOURCE]— is designed to alleviate pain from tension headaches and even from stress. Thanks to the head wrap’s combination of gentle compression and therapeutic heat, getting rid of your headache problem is now possible at home effectively.

This head wrap has 2 integrated air bladders that works just like those compression boots found from the hospitals and it uses compression intervals in order to stimulate circulation by helping your blood vessels contract and expand.

The Headache Relief Wrap

The Headache Relief Wrap

The wrap’s warming elements on the other hand provides heat therapy designed to help relax tense muscles in the head and face.

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The Headache Relief Wrap 1

The Headache Relief Wrap includes a corded remote control to allow the owner to easily select from its 3 different level of compression and heating element settings and best of all, it has auto-off function for extra security.

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