The HD Wand Scanner – A portable scanner that captures and digitizes a document in just 12 seconds

Looking for a handheld scanner capable of scanning documents in high definition resolution? Use the HD Wand Scanner, a portable wand scanner that is very easy to use and is perfect for capturing HD documents of your favorite news articles, certificates, pictures and a lot more simply by drawing the device across of course in a clear and vibrant scan.

The HD Wand Scanner

The HD Wand Scanner

The HD Wand Scanner can also be used as a feed scanner when placed in its included charging dock so you can things like forms, receipts, cards, recipes and more saving them at 1200dpi plus you can even use the hd wand scanner to digitize a document in as little as 12sec. and preview the scanned documents right on its integrated LCD panel.

The HD Wand Scanner 1

This high definition wand scanner saves scanned documents as either PDF or JPEG file formats straight to a microSD card, you even have the option to save the images to your favorite desktop computers running Mac OS or Windows operating system and best of all, this handheld scanner can scan up to 400 documents when fully charged using its rechargeable battery. Photo editing software already included.

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