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The Hanging Cocoon – ideal for reading, relaxing, or reflecting

Planning to relax somewhere and need a device that will allow you to relax and reflect? Use the Hanging Cocoon. (Available Here for only $299.95)

This uniquely designed hammock is your perfect answer simply because besides its unique nest of birds design, it will allow its user to relax and do some of your favorite tasks including reading your favorite books, reflecting and replenishing the spirit and a lot more.

Hanging Cocoon

This hammock is perfect for installing at your backyard, at the beach, at your working office or basically anywhere you want, thanks to including hanging tools including its included 18 feet nylon rope, steel carabiner and an 8 section aluminum ring where owners can assemble easily in just a matter of minutes to form a unique hammock with circular base.

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Hanging Cocoon 2

This Hanging Cocoon is capable of supporting user up to 440lbs and because the shell is unique, blending it anywhere you want to hang it will not be a problem and best of all, it is treated with polyurethane partnered with perfect sun protection technology, setting up a private suspended sanctuary any time anywhere will not be a problem.

You can buy this hammock that cocoons its users privately just to relax for only $299.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.