You want to transfer your important handwriting to your computer? Now you can with The Handwriting To Computer Converter [SOURCE], a uniquely designed pen capable of transferring hand written documents, emails, memos or even illustrations so you can preserve it forever.

The Handwriting To Computer Converter uses a unique ballpoint pen that can record every stroke made on any paper, just don’t forget to clip the receiver to the paper before doing some handwriting.

The Handwriting To Computer Converter

The Handwriting To Computer Converter

The receiver is capable of storing up to 100 pages of illustrations or handwritten documents which can then be saved as jpeg file right into its built-in flash memory for easy content transferring via your computer’s USB ports.

Worry about inks? Not anymore because the included pen uses a commonly available ink while its wireless and battery powered construction will simply allow you to draw, take long notes or even create long handwritten documents of course with optimal freedom of movement.

The Handwriting To Computer Converter 2

This handwriting to computer converter is well-suited with different OS versions including Vista, Windows XP, 7 and 8 and of course Mac OS 10.6 and above. This device already includes a USB cable, cell battery and ink so you start converting documents right away.

Check the rest of the features [HERE] or visit [THIS PAGE] for other important information.