The Hands Free Live Broadcast Camcorder – now you can post real time videos on the internet or between your smart gadgets wirelessly

You want to capture high definition videos on your next adventure and then automatically broadcast those real time videos on your favorite social sites or on your favorite mobile phones or tablets? Use the Hands Free Live Broadcast Camcorder [SOURCE], a small yet powerful camcorder that can easily be clip on a bike, helmet or cap so you can easily capture HD videos and then stream the content in real time on the internet, phone or to any devices you want.

The Hands Free Live Broadcast Camcorder

The Hands Free Live Broadcast Camcorder

The Hands Free Live Broadcast Camcorder is capable of connecting to a gadget wirelessly and uses a unique and free application to post real time videos. All saved video clips are in mp4 format while its microSDHD card slot allows you to insert up to 32GB of memory for that long video shooting you’ve always longing.

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The Hands Free Live Broadcast Camcorder 2

This hands free live broadcast camcorder comes with CMOS low-light sensor, auto-light correction and 75 degrees viewing angle capability plus it can even capture videos in 320p to 1080p of resolution at up to 60fps.

This camcorder already includes 1 clip, 2 camera mounts, USB cable, rechargeable battery and travel bag so you can use it anywhere you want anytime. This new hands free live broadcast camcorder is very well matched with iOS 5, android 2.3.3 or later and only measures 8×5.5×2.3/4 inches in length, width and diameter.

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