The Hands Free Gear Clock – A uniquely designed moving gears wall clock

You want to tell the time uniquely? Check the Hands Free Gear Clock [SOURCE], a uniquely designed wall clock that uses small gears in order to move the large outer sprocket to tell time.

The Hands Free Gear Clock is driven by 4 permanent internal spur gears and instead of hands, this wall clock uses an easy to read arrow that point to the current time.

The Hands Free Gear Clock

The Hands Free Gear Clock

This uniquely designed wall clock is nearly 2 feet in diameter compete with bolded hour numbers and 15 minute interval sub-markings for easy time reading even from a distance.

The Hands Free Gear Clock is made with light yet durable ABS material so mounting it anywhere will not be a problem plus unlike ordinary wall clocks out there, this moving gears wall clock in metallic finish will definitely add style to your existing decoration, just don’t forget to include 2 D-batteries to start telling time uniquely.

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