The Hand Reflexology Massager – a new gadget for easing pain and hand discomforts

You want to keep your hands warm? How about applying a soothing massages and at the same time enjoys a warmer hand during cold winter? Try this new gadget that is capable of easing pain and discomfort into your hands simply by applying an effective technique just like those reflexology massages you’ve been enjoying with an extra feature to make it more relaxing.

The Hand Reflexology Massager

The Hand Reflexology Massager

Introducing the Hand Reflexology Massager, an effective gadget that effectively helps relieve hand tensions, fatigue and stress caused by too much hand work. If you are a computer geek that simply can’t get rid of your keyboard and mouse then you need the Hand Reflexology Massager to keep your hands relaxed after extended computer use.

With up to 15 minutes massage session a day, this Hand Reflexology Massager can also help promote better circulation using its unique infrared heat, just don’t forget to add batteries and push the button though. Go ahead and try it.

-$119.95 at hammacher