The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger – efficient in providing extra power

Cell phone without charger is useless and on the other hand cellphone battery charger without power outlet is also worthless especially if you need to place important calls or even send text messages when your phone’s battery is almost used up.

The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger

Introducing the Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger. A uniquely designed emergency battery charger that easily adds 30-second of extra battery power so you can have emergency calls or text anytime and anywhere. Thanks to its built-in 2,000mAh Li-ion battery, now you’ll have extra battery power when you need it most.

The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger 1

This portable Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger has a nice light yet heavy-duty aluminum body that can be used to charge most smart phones out there while its nice LED signifies the battery’s charge level.

This hand crank cell phone charger has a nice fluid operation and is very efficient in juicing up dead batteries, just connect your favorite phone, start the hand cranking process for at least 1 min. and you’re good to go. Wanna try?

-$59.95 at hammacher

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