Tired of cleaning the grill gates of your favorite barbecue grill? Not anymore, use the Grill Cleaning Robot [SOURCE], a powerful device designed to automatically remove any bits of food and grease stacked into your barbecue grill grates so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them manually after you finish grilling your favorite barbecue.

The Grill Cleaning Robot

The Grill Cleaning Robot

The Grill Cleaning Robot uses 3 unique electric motors with integrated CPU enough to help the robot rotate the 3 cleaning brushes and to push the robot from corner to corner of the grill grates in order to remove unwanted pieces of course in just a matter of few passes.

The Grill Cleaning Robot 2

Worry about scratching the grill grates with the robots cylindrical brushes? No problem because the brush’s bristles are all removable and are dishwasher safe.

The Grill Cleaning Robot can be set to work for up to 30 minutes of cleaning time, just don’t forget to warm the grills first though or the robot will sound an alarm if the grill is still too hot. Go ahead recharge the cleaning robot now and watch it get rid of all the greases on your barbecue grill.

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