The GPS Vehicle Tracker And Reporter – A tracking device that combines GPS and GSM technology to provide accurate real time vehicle monitoring

The GPS Vehicle Tracker and Reporter [SOURCE] is perfect in providing the most accurate and real time monitoring of your vehicle’s travels, thanks to its combination of unique GPS and GSM technology, tracking your car or even your kid’s driving habits is now possible.

This tracking device is perfect in keeping information and whereabouts of your kids and elderly parents alike, thanks to its uniquely designed internal antennas that works religiously in order to provide the owner important information including the speed and location of the vehicle.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker And Reporter

The GPS Vehicle Tracker And Reporter

Capable of providing up to 90 days of tracking and reporting history, this vehicle tracker also sends location updates straight to your favorite tablet or even your latest smartphones or desktop computers every 60 seconds while the vehicle is traveling plus it even sends alerts to up to 4 different phones and emails if the car in track exceeds in speed limit.

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The GPS Vehicle Tracker And Reporter is also capable of sending alerts if it detects any untoward incidents like car is being towed or if the vehicle is traveling out of its pre-defined geofence.

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