The Golf Ball Returning Chipping Net – with built-in targets to help you practice a lob, pitch, chip, or running shot at home

The Golf Ball Returning Chipping Net (currently taking orders here) is unique because if you are a golf player but cannot practice a perfect shot due to quarantine lockdown, then this pop-up golf net is your perfect answer.

Thanks to the golf net’s integrated targets designed to help you practice those running shots, chip, lob or even the chip target right at the comfort of your own backyard.

Golf Ball Returning Chipping Net

The Golf Ball Returning Chipping Net

Just like playing basketball arcade or bowling game, this pop-up golf net is unique because it captures balls and then returns any missed shots using its incline just perfect for practicing continuously to get that perfect shot you want every time.

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Golf Ball Returning Chipping Net1

This Golf Ball Returning Practice Net is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to its unique design partnered with sturdy support made with steel frame, setting up and even disassembling it so you can keep it after practicing a lob, pitch, chip or even that running shot will not be a problem and best of all, it already comes with practice balls, mat and some foam balls. Weighs only 8.5lbs and only measures 48x54x17 inches in height, length and width respectively.

You can buy the pop-up golf net for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.