The Gold Karat Authenticator – the electronic gold and platinum tester

The Gold Karat Authenticator is designed to validate the karat grade of your precious gold of course without using any gels or any other chemicals simply because this gold karat authenticator uses a safe and unique way to measure the gold’s karat grade. Just position it nicely on the device’s flat surface, and allow the authenticator’s pure gold-tipped electrode handle the measurement for you.

So what’s the karat grade? Well, whether it’s non-gold, gold-filled, gold plated or pure gold, you simply see instantly the result of the tested karat right at the gold karat authenticator’s built in LED panels, no more guessing the true nature of the objects being tested plus it can even differentiate between white gold, platinum, stainless steel etc..

The Gold Karat Authenticator

So whether you’re into gold buying business or just plainly looking at purchasing a precious gift for your special someone, testing it before closing the deal will surely come in handy.

The Gold Karat Authenticator can perfectly probe up to 5k gold tests and already includes a 9volt battery and a diamond dusted file. You just need to do some initial calibration though before starting your first test.

-$499.95 at hammacher


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