The Go Where You Go Video Drone – with facial recognition that follows you as you move

Is your favorite video drone equipped with facial recognition function? If not then, you might want to consider replacing them with the Go Where You Go Video Drone —[VIDEO]— simply because this follows you as you move.

Thanks to its facial recognition system, now you can capture unique videos while walking, biking or even while running because this video drone will religiously follow you wherever you go and best of all, it captures important videos while at the same time enjoying what you are doing best.

The Go Where You Go Video Drone

The Go Where You Go Video Drone

This drone also features an advanced gyro stabilization system capable of hovering at range of up to 6 feet from the owner’s body while of course performing the same turns, perfect maneuvers and even your favorite drifts without any problem.

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The Go Where You Go Video Drone 1

The Go Where You Go Drone already comes with a free application for your favorite Android or iOS devices designed to let the owners to easily operate the drone’s HD camera or even to let you switch to self-following options and best of all, the video drone has 3 different speed settings, integrated LED lights and has up to 131 feet range perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above.

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