The Glove Box Car Jump Starter – Now you can jump start your car without having to step out of your seat

Car not starting? No problem, use the Glove Box Car Jump Starter —[SOURCE]—, a small yet powerful gadget capable of jump starting your car of course without stepping out of your car’s seat because this model operates right at your car’s DC outlet.

Unlike ordinary jump starters out there that are huge and requires the car owner to have a dedicated trunk space or even under the hoop connection, this model is as big as a wallet yet capable of supplying power to your car’s dead battery without any problem.

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Glove Box Car Jump Starter

This car jump starter is also equipped with built-in USB port so owners can also charge smartphones and other gadgets and because it is small enough that you can even fit it on your car’s glove box, console or even on your pocket.

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This Car Jump Start device only measures 4x3x1 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 1lb. and best of all, you can recharge it using your car’s DC outlet.

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