The Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum – Eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and viruses from carpets and floors

Tired of using floor vacuum cleaner that can’t effectively remove viruses and germs from floors? Use the Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum, a robotic vacuum capable of destroying germs, allergens and even bacteria up to 99.9 percent using UV light of course automatically without any intervention from you because this robotic vacuum works autonomously, navigating around and cleaning floors destroying any germs and viruses while you are away doing something.

The Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum

The Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum

The Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum uses high powered suction designed to get rid even deeply imbedded dirt and hair from your favorite carpet or even removes dust on hardwood floor planks and because this robotic vacuum uses unique sensors where it detect areas of high dirt, spending more time and even concentrating on these areas is now possible and automatic.

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The Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum 1

This floor vacuum robot already includes 2 unique filters, a remote control and an infrared beam barrier designed to confine the robotic vacuum to a specific area plus, the vacuum can be set to clean seven days per week or at specific time without worrying about low battery operation because the vacuum automatically returns to its charging base when the battery runs low.

Watch the Germ Eliminating Robotic Vacuum in action [HERE].