The Genuine Lost In Space B-9 Robot – The 6 Footer adaptation of the original B-9 Robot ideal for robot collectors

Give way Mazinger Z because this collectible Geniune Lost in Space B-9 Robot is created using only the original and unique design and patterns used from the original tv series Lost in Space in order to give any gadget collectors out there another inventive collection they can trully swank on.

This Genuine Lost In Space B-9 Robot stands at 6 and ½ foot and is the remote controlled adaptation of the unique B-9 Ecological Control Robot from the popular tv series Lost in Space.

The Genuine Lost In Space B-9 Robot

The Genuine Lost In Space B-9 Robot

This Genuine B-9 Robot is made from a sturdy fiberglass, aluminum, acrylic and steel parts. It also features a nice flashing lights, rotating radar head and torso plus it also comes with an animated ear sensor, clawed arms and an original pre-recorded phrases and voices to make the robot even more interesting to play.

Aaghhhh… Danger Will Robinson! Familiar with these phrases? Of course, these phrases can also be heard right straight from its powerful 240-watt audio system plus 511 other phrases are also built-in so shutting down the B-9 and plugging back the robot again will entertain the owner with some funny sounds.

-$24,500 at hammacher (currently out of stock)

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