The Genuine German 8-Day Skeleton Clock – It keeps accurate time while displaying a complex skeleton of its innerworkings

The Genuine German 8-Day Skeleton Clock (available here) is the perfect replacement for your old and dilapidated wall clock simply because besides its accurateness in telling time, it is also crafted in Germany by a renowned clock manufacturer.

This German Wall Clock is unique because of its complex skeleton design yet capable of displaying accurate time every time, it even works by combining the benefits of an analog clock and at the same time, an intriguing visual piece of a skeleton.

Genuine German Skeleton Clock

The Genuine German 8-Day Skeleton Clock

This skeleton clock is equipped with an analog face partnered with Roman numerals complete with 2 working hands while its eye-catching pendulum in round shape will definitely provide your home with a modern look when it comes to displaying accurate time.

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Genuine German Skeleton Clock1

This German Wall Clock chimes each hour and has a chain that needs resetting every 8-days and best of all, it only measures 25x6x4 inches in length, width and diameter respectively and only weighs 2lbs.

You can buy this German quality Skeleton Wall Clock for only $139.95 with lifetime guarantee.