The Gentleman’s Sensitive Skin Shaver – An electric shaver that reduces skin irritation for those with sensitive skin

The Gentleman’s Sensitive Skin Shaver [SOURCE] is the perfect replacement of your old electric shaver specially if you are looking for skin shaver capable of reducing skin irritation specially for those who have sensitive skin.

The Gentleman's Sensitive Skin Shaver

The Gentleman’s Sensitive Skin Shaver

Unlike ordinary shavers out there that uses foil with big perforations, this electric shaver is packed with thick foil yet it is thinly populated with small yet powerful openings creating less contact to skin while providing a nice and comfortable hair removal every time.

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Thanks to men’s electric shaver’s powerful motor capable of delivering up to 10k cycles per minute straight to the cutter head perfectly ensuring facial hair removal and of course lessening the need for passing over and over again the skin.

The Gentleman’s Sensitive Skin Shaver already includes different pop-up trimmer for getting rid of moustache and beard or even sideburns, thanks to its ergonomically designed rubber grip, providing minutes of shaving and getting rid of unwanted facial hair is now more comfortable than other model.

This electric shaving device already includes 2 foils with cover, travel pouch, cleaning brush and AC adapter.

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