The Fully Automated Super 8 To Digital Video Converter – converts Super 8 movies to HD digital video easily

The Fully Automated Super 8 To Digital Video Converter is unique when it comes to converting a roll of Super 8 film into digital video format because it is automatic and adjust the video’s brightness and contrast so you can perfectly convert your cherished memories without any problem.

This video converter is capable of accepting super 8 film straight to its feed reel just like a projector, it then illuminates each frame using white LED so it can be captured at high definition format using its unique CMOS sensor.

Automated Digital Video Converter

The Fully Automated Super 8 To Digital Video Converter

The precision process of this converter takes time converting frame every 2sec while its automatic conversion will run the device without you even lifting a finger.

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Automated Digital Video Converter1

This self-advancing film scanner and converter already comes with a free application where owners can control the brightness and contrast settings or even combine frames into 18 or 24 fps AVI video format. Once converted, you can then share or archive your precious memories to your friends and family members and best of all, it can be connected to your favorite PC or MAC.

You can buy the fully automated film to digital video converter for only $999.95 with lifetime guarantee.