The Freestyle Slalom Skateboard – A uniquely designed skateboard capable of propelling side to side skiing like movement

Tired of your old and not so cool scooter? How about your skateboard that can’t provide the exhilarating ride you are looking for every time you step on it? Check the Freestyle Slalom Skateboard, a light yet sturdy and uniquely designed skateboard capable of propelling side to side skiing like movement just perfect for those thrilling rides you’ve been looking for every time you hit the ground.

The Freestyle Slalom Skateboard

The Freestyle Slalom Skateboard

With Freestyle Slalom Skateboard, riders will simply place their feet on either side of the back wheel, lean and push off the ground to drive the skateboard forward, thanks to the slalom skateboard’s light yet sturdy uniquely shaped frame construction, navigating across streets and to your favorite sidewalks will not be a problem.

This skateboard is designed to provide an optimal control for turning or even racing forward even in a circuitous motion, thanks to slalom skateboard’s unique PU front wheel, moving forward and even stopping anytime is now more fun and exciting.

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