The Four Device Portable Backup Battery – a powerful and lightweight 25,200mAh Power Bank for smartphones, tablets and more

Looking for a sleek and stylish lightweight at the same time portable backup power bank? Check the Four Device Portable Backup Battery, a 25,200mAh power bank capable of recharging four devices at the same time perfect for keeping your important gadgets alive and kicking even while you’re away from home.

The Four Device Portable Backup Battery comes with different USB ports designed to recharge smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPhones and more, thanks to its powerful lithium-ion polymer battery, refilling and juicing up devices that are very important to you is now possible any time and anywhere.

The Four Device Portable Backup Battery

The Four Device Portable Backup Battery

This portable backup battery has an automatic shutoff feature, meaning, this 25,200mAh power bank will auto shutoff when the connected gadgets are already fully charged this is to preserve the power bank’s power while its included LED lights will simply indicate the remaining battery level.

Perfect for travelers, campers and on-the-go geeks, this light and portable power bank is approved for in-flight use and recharges easily in 20 hours using its included adapter.

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