The Foldaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table – the all-weather outdoor tennis table court that folds up for easy storage in seconds

The Foldaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table (Available Here) is perfect when it comes to providing a nice playing table for any table tennis fanatics out there anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to this uniquely designed tennis table court, setting up is very easy as well as folding it for storing and even rolling it so you can reposition or relocate somewhere outdoors to have some fun time playing table tennis with your family will not be a problem.

Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Foldaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This outdoor table for tennis fanatic is equipped with all-weather materials including the playing surface and the included net so you don’t have to worry about stowing it during rainy weather, the tennis table even comes with sturdy steel legs partnered with sturdy casters for rolling the table comfortably anywhere without any problem.

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Outdoor Table Tennis Table1

This All-Weather Tennis Table is portable and compact enough so owners can easily store the table under bed, cargo area or anywhere and best of all, it also features a sturdy crossbeam support. Weighs only 140lbs and only measures 108x60x30 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy this all-weather tennis table for indoor or outdoor use for only $999.95 with lifetime guarantee.