The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet – folds easily for easy storage in a backpack or purse

The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet >>>[VIDEO]<<< is not just unique when it comes to folding its size so you can easily store them on your favorite purse or backpack but at the same time durable enough in order to provide you with the best protection every time you travel around.

This easy to fold bicycle helmet works simply by unlocking its hinges, sliding and flipping its different sections, and because it uses ABS outer shell partnered with polystyrene foam, wearing them anytime anywhere without worrying about your full head protection is now possible every time.

The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet

The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet

This bicycle helmet even features 3 pad sets designed to allow the wearer to easily adjust the helmet’s perfect fit anytime.

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The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet 1

The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet already includes 14 ventilation holes, chin protection, and adjustable straps and only measures 10×8.5×5 inches unfolded and best of all, it only weighs 1lb.

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