The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon – A remote controlled dragon that can fly at 70mph and blasts flame while on the ground

Looking for a remote control dragon that can soar up high all the way thru the air at 70mph and at the same time blasts a fiery flame while on the ground? Check the Flying Fire Breathing Dragon [VIDEO], a remote controlled dragon capable of emitting a burning 3 feet blast of flame straight from its smartly hidden propane tank partnered with a sturdy igniter strategically located at its toothy maw.

The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon

The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon

This Flying Fire Breathing Dragon uses a small yet powerful turbine engine located at the dragon’s chest gives driving force at 500mph and only uses a small amount of jet aircraft fuel, plus it even comes with a moving head for that nice effect every time it turns.

The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon 2

This fire breathing dragon is also capable of climbing and diving, thanks to the dragon’s wing ailerons and elevators that is carefully built right into its v-tail rudder, controlling it is very easy using its included 2.4ghz remote control.

The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon 3

Its 4 clawed feet rubber wheel is designed to give the dragon a perfect steering and braking system while on the ground while its sleek and smoothly constructed outer shell made of high grade plywood provides a perfect look when it’s flying or rolling on the ground.

Visit [THIS PAGE] for other important features or watch the flying fire breathing dragon in action [HERE].