The Flying All Terrain Vehicle – The first vehicle of its kind approved for ground and flight engines

The Flying All Terrain Vehicle [SOURCE] is a specially designed light-sport aircraft capable of conquering different types of tracts from sand, grass, pavement and even gravity because it is constructed from a sturdy steel tubing secured with carbon fiber composites to make it a rugged military-grade vehicle.

This flying vehicle is approved for ground and flight engines, thanks to its 89hp 2-cylinder engine capable of providing a top speed of up to 75mph on land plus it even comes with a double wishbone suspension designed to provide full chassis control and is perfect for maneuvering different pathways with precision.

The Flying All Terrain Vehicle

The Flying All Terrain Vehicle

This one of a kind vehicle only needs a 500 feet runway and because it is equipped with a 115hp 4-cylinder flight engine partnered with 4-bladed propellers granting an airspeed of up to 45mph even at 10k feet ceiling will not be a problem.

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The Flying All Terrain Vehicle even features an intuitive flight system complete with throttle quadrant so climbing and descending will not be a problem and best of all, its included retractable foot pedals allows the owner to turn left and right and even add some flare when landing. Supports 2 passengers with total weight of 580lbs.

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