The Fitbit Alta Heart Rate Monitor – A fitness wristband that monitors heart rate, tracks daily activity, and records sleep cycles effectively

The Fitbit Alta Heart Rate Monitor [SOURCE] is perfect when it comes to accurately measuring heart rate, calculate exercise intensity, burned calories and even tracking day to day activities, thanks to the fitness wristband’s integrated ECG partnered with unique accelerometer, now you can be confident any time.

Besides tracking distance traveled and steps taken, this comfortable and unnoticeable fitness wristband is even capable of monitoring and tracking how long one takes to fall asleep, level of sleep quality and even the time spent in the REM.

The Fitbit Alta Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate monitoring device already includes a high resolution touchscreen capable of delivering clear and crisp visual readouts and because it already includes variety of faces where owners can choose from, reading statistics is now more fun and engaging.

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The Fitbit Alta Heart Rate Monitor is also capable of sending and syncing statistic reports wirelessly to the owner’s preffered app including, Android, Windows or even iOS devices and best of all, owner also have the option to set alarms, play music from their favorite mobile playlist and more.

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